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All of the sermons presented at East View are recorded for our web page. Most of them are delivered by Jim Williams, evangelist for East View. We also have sermons from other sources such as the Arizona Lectureship and guest speakers.

You can access any sermon from any page by selecting one of the “Categories” on the right. “Sermons” will open a summary of all sermons in the archive. “Most Recent” will open the last 6 to 8 weeks of sermons. Any “Series” can be opened by selecting that specific series. You can also search for sermons by date or by words. After you select a category, series or perform a search you can click on the title and then listen or download it to your computer.  To listen to a lesson simply left click on the arrow and it will begin to play.  To download a sermon  right click on “download” and then left click on “save link as..”  or “save target as..” depending on which browser you are using.  This will save it to your computer as an mp3 file.  All sermons are recorded in an mp3 format. Some sermons also have outlines in PDF format and can be opened by clicking on “Sermon Outline Link.”

Our prayer is that this service will be helpful to your spiritual growth.

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